The Report On New Coercions Part 2

8 minute read

I didn’t expect my previous report to have a continuation, but here it goes. When the initial implementation of new coercions was merged, I started checking ...

The Report On New Coercions

10 minute read

The Merge of PR 3891 completes my work on new implementation of coercion in Rakudo. When I was starting with it my only intention was about to find a task to...

The Election Time

less than 1 minute read

Just a reminder to anybody passing by this blog that the election to Raku Steering Council is going on now and will be taking place until Sep 20. More detail...

The Raku Steering Council Election

1 minute read

I’m not the blogging kind of person and usually don’t post without a good reason. For a long while even a good reason wasn’t enough for me to write something.

Metamodel Introduction Article. Operators

2 minute read

I’m publishing the next article from ARFB series. This time rather short one, much like a warm up prior to the main workout. But I’d like to devote this pos...

A New Article

less than 1 minute read

A new article of Advanced Raku For Beginners series is published now. With a really surprising subject this time!

Nil As No Data

1 minute read

In response to a Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer post I have a thing to add.

New Articles Redaction

less than 1 minute read

In the Everything Is An Object. MOP. article I made a shameful error

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New Role Of Roles In Raku

15 minute read

My morning started today with a cup of cold tea and an IRC request. The latter was coming from Elizabeth Mattijsen asking to write a paragraph on my recently...

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