I’m not the blogging kind of person and usually don’t post without a good reason. For a long while even a good reason wasn’t enough for me to write something. But things are changing, and this subject I should have mentioned earlier.

We’re currently in the process of forming The Raku Steering Council which is considered as a potentially effective governance model for the language and the community. It’s aimed at taking off load from the shoulders of Jonathan Worthington who currently bears the biggest responsibility for the vast majority of problems the community and the language development encounter.

The biggest advantages of the Council as I see them are:

  • it’s an elected body which granted legitimacy by the community and thus will have the most trust from it
  • being a collective authority it will provide stability and more reasonable decisions that it is possible with a single-person governance model
  • besides, I belive it will provide more structure in otherwise sometimes rather chaotic way of taking decisions by the Raku community.

Disclaimer: everything stated above is my personal view of the situation which is to be sumed up as: the damn good thing is happening!

To the point! The Council is not an elite closed club. Anybody can nominate himself! Just read the election announce.

BTW, the announce currently states the Aug 2 is the last date to nominate. This is about to change to Sep 6. Still, don’t procrastinate too much, let the community know about your nomination and yourself!