You all are likely to know about the Russia's war in Ukraine. Some of you know that Ukraine is my homeland. What I never told is that since the first days of the invasion we (my family) are trying to help our friends back there who fight against the aggressor. By 'fight' I mean it, they're literally at the front lines. Unfortunately, our resources are not limitless. Therefore I would like to ask for any donations you could make by using the QR code below.

I'm not asking this for myself. I never took a single penny for whatever I was doing for the Raku language. Even more, I was avoiding applying for any grants because it was always like "somebody would have better use for them".

But this time I'm asking because any help to Ukrainian militaries means saving lives, both theirs and the people they protect.


Let me also have this link to the Wikipedia page about Russia war crimes in Ukraine. The page is using the most moderate photos of all. There are many others, way more terrifying. There are stories like nothing one could expect to happen in Europe in decades.

And worse of it all, this is still happening right now. It will be continuing to happen until the last alive Russian military leaves Ukraine. And even then I'm not sure they will stop until all long range weapons are taken away from them.