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2 minute read

I’m starting a series of articles devoted to Raku for beginners. But…

Containers And Symbols

8 minute read

I’m not going to be original anyway and gonna start with the most traditional example around: my $foo = “Hello world!”; say $foo; It shouldn’t be to hard ...

Defining Raku

16 minute read

When I’m writing texts like this one I always imagine a curious and vigilant person who spots the gaps in my story, would those be intentional or not. Today ...

The Metamodel: Introduction To MOP

8 minute read

In the previous articles I discussed several bits and pieces about Raku metamodel. I think it is time now to give the subject a little more focus from the po...

Proxy Container

8 minute read

The Start, Part 1 I was going to start this article differently. But today, as I’m writing these lines, a new ticket about Proxy has been opened on Rakudo is...

Roles Or When One Is Many

22 minute read

A thing which puts Raku pretty much apart from Perl is that Raku avoids magic. There are a couple of places where one could say: “it happens magically”. But...