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Metamodel Introduction Article. Operators

Published on , 2 minute read

I’m publishing the next article from ARFB series. This time rather short one, much like a warm up prior to the main workout. But I’d like to devote this pos...

A New Article

Published on , less than 1 minute read

A new article of Advanced Raku For Beginners series is published now. With a really surprising subject this time!

Nil As No Data

Published on , 1 minute read

In response to a Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer post I have a thing to add.

New Articles Redaction

Published on , less than 1 minute read

In the Everything Is An Object. MOP. article I made a shameful error

New Role Of Roles In Raku

Published on , 15 minute read

My morning started today with a cup of cold tea and an IRC request. The latter was coming from Elizabeth Mattijsen asking to write a paragraph on my recently...