JSON::Class:auth Released

Published on , less than 1 minute read

My version of JSON::Class is now released. The previous post explains why does this worth a note.

A New JSON::Class Module. All New.

Published on , 1 minute read

This will be a short one. I have recently released a family of WWW::GCloud modules for accessing Google Cloud services. Their REST API is, apparently, JSON-b...

New Kid On The Block

Published on , 11 minute read

The thing is: I hate XML. OK, not exactly. I hate the way they abuse it, especially in the corporate world. XML, and Java (or Python lately), and no alterna...

Merging Symbols Issue

Published on , 10 minute read

First of all, I’d like to apologize for all the errors in this post. I just haven’t got time to properly proof-read it. A while ago I was trying to fix a pr...

Config::BINDish Module First Release

Published on , 1 minute read

Soon after Test::Async time has came for the first release of Config::BINDish. At first, I didn’t plan the module whatsoever. Then I considered it as a littl...

Test::Async v0.1.1 Release

Published on , 9 minute read

This had to be a decent release announcement with a little bit of bragging about the new features in Test::Async. But it wouldn’t be me unless I screw up in ...

Re-release Of Cro::RPC::JSON

Published on , less than 1 minute read

For a couple of reasons I had to revamp the module and change it in a non-backward compatible way. To avoid bumping api again and because versions 0.1.0 and ...

A New Release Of Cro::RPC::JSON

Published on , 5 minute read

UPDATE I had to pull out versions 0.1.0 and 0.1.1 from CPAN. See the followup post. I don’t usually announce regular releases of my modules. But not this ti...