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JSON::Class:auth Released

Published on , less than 1 minute read

My version of JSON::Class is now released. The previous post explains why does this worth a note.

A New JSON::Class Module. All New.

Published on , 1 minute read

This will be a short one. I have recently released a family of WWW::GCloud modules for accessing Google Cloud services. Their REST API is, apparently, JSON-b...

Easy-peasy Service From A Role

Published on , 4 minute read

I was always concerned about making things easier. No, not this way. A technology must be easy to start with, but also be easy in accessing its advanced or ...

Another Article Before A Break

Published on , less than 1 minute read

I have managed to finish one more article in the Advanced Raku For Beginners series, this time about type and object composition in Raku.

Did you know that…

Published on , less than 1 minute read

Once, long ago, coincidentally a few people were asking the same question: how do I get a method object of a class?

CoreDev Class Part 1 Video Published

Published on , less than 1 minute read

The recording quality of the first Rakudo Core Development Class happened to be disastrous. Due to this I was very hesitant to publish it without attempting ...

Got A New Article

Published on , less than 1 minute read

After a long marathon of coding for different projects a change of activity was required. Meanwhile, the series of publications had been neglected for too lo...

New Kid On The Block

Published on , 11 minute read

The thing is: I hate XML. OK, not exactly. I hate the way they abuse it, especially in the corporate world. XML, and Java (or Python lately), and no alterna...

Did you know that …

Published on , less than 1 minute read

Let’s assume we have a type with multi-component name, like: class Foo::Bar { } And there is another class Baz for which we want it to be coercible into F...